The wedding boom in China is fueled by big spenders

Couples are planning to get married in a boom where they have to be having a lot of money for them to feel the occasion as successful as they required, where they get more luxury than other people as they are termed as big spenders in the today’s world. In the Chinese culture, number 6 and 18 are mostly important meaning the couple will either get rich or everything will go smoothly.


Demand arises when the guests invited feel like the wedding is unforgettable and worth it which will influence more people and many couples deciding on their wedding to be on that same day. Wedding planning agencies are always on the great demand when it comes to weddings as they are always on the front line. Wedding planners are not only the benefiting people but hotels and restaurants are booked in advance as cake bakeries are also busier and not forgetting the gown makers who rush to come out with best gowns and suits for their customers who are waiting for the big day. The weddings are also a great attraction of foreign and domestic tourism in their country. Many hotels are required for the accommodation of the couple and their company such as the relative and friends. Salons for photos are greatly required to mark the occasion and leave memories to the couple, guest and the attendance at large.

Prices get higher as the number of weddings increases and the guest couples increase hence additional stuff are employed with an increased payment since the amount of work will also increase. Jewellery and photos increases as more are required by the couple and they won’t mind the prices since it is a big day that everyone awaits for mostly in china. They spend many dollars in both their wedding and the honeymoon which can and also be more than their combined earning, therefore everyone expects their businesses to continue compared to the beginning when they started it.

The Chinese have different types of presents they present to either the bride or the groom on their boom wedding day such as home décor, serveware, barware which one can buy online (like here) or any place that they can easily be found like independent designers and vintage collector or shops where handmade home decors are made.

Couples treat their guests up to a five star hotel as it will only be once in a lifetime where they spend all the savings they had been keeping for the day to be memorable and also impressive compared to others. Many requests are received for wedding planning but there are more business plans to go over. In shanghai many activities take place when there is a boom wedding which are fueled by big spender from the country and it creates employment to other people as well as increasing and expanding peoples businesses, it also creates curiosity and people from all over the world tend to have more interest on the happenings of the big day. They are considered to be the best by everyone who has ever been a victim