Sunday Roundup: Generational Differences and Jobs

Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation - Elspeth Reeve, The Atlantic

Against the backdrop of austerity measures and economic downturn, much talk in the Western world has been centered on generational differences and the selfishness of milennials. However, it may not be that the current generation is abnormally self-centered, but rather, that every generation is self-centered. Check out Elspeth Reeve’s response to the selfish milennials narrative.

How Our Incredible Shrinking Government Raises Unemployment and Hurts the Recovery - Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

This interesting piece from Atlantic columnist Derek Thompson offers an unemployment figure fix not often discussed in Washington – the jobs in Washington itself. Contrasting the Great Recession to previous recessions in American history, Thompson suggests that the response to this one has differed due in part to changes to the government payroll – were similar patterns to be followed as in the past, there would be 2.2 million more jobs in the American economy, shifting the unemployment down to roughly 6.3%.