Mission Statement

The Hidden Transcript is a student-run publication that focuses on current events and international affairs. Its mission is to provide a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive look at the issues that are poised to shape the world. By drawing upon a range of academic backgrounds, The Hidden Transcript seeks to engage with a vast network of students from around the globe to create an accessible and analytical outlet where global issues can be explored and discussed.

The magazine is designed to be a place for non-academic writing, where young students and researchers can share the topics that they are passionate about with one another and in the process gain experience with writing, editing and conducting individual research. Through this format, the magazine is able to bring young scholars, researchers and journalists together for a unique collaboration that is not normally available.


Contributors Wanted

The Hidden Transcript welcomes submissions and proposals for articles on a wide variety of topics and issues – from international development projects in Africa to global conflict the Middle East, we strive to publish articles that tackle breaking developments and unfolding trends through a variety of styles (commentary, feature, news, multimedia etc). The Hidden Transcript team is looking for articles that are about 750 words in length, written in English and in a concise and researched non-academic style. Topics of interests include political affairs, civil society, cultural trends and economic and environmental developments.

Photographers Wanted

The Hidden Transcript is seeking to build a photographic archive that will be used to illustrate articles for the website. Photos should concern political, economic, social, travel or environmental developments and all photographers will be given full credit if their photo is used. Color photographs are preferred, but black&white submissions will receive all due consideration. Also, we encourage submissions for our ‘Spotlight’ segment. Photos for this segment will appear on our website, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. All submissions should be made electronically, preferably as a .jpeg attachment.