Sunday Roundup: The US Election

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This Sunday marks the beginning of a new weekly media segment on The Hidden Transcript called the Sunday Roundup. From now on, the site’s editorial board will compile a review of their favourite pieces of journalism from the previous week together on this page. It is just our way of sparking further dialogue and discourse over the issues that matter in an interactive and easily digestible media medium.

We hope that you enjoy our selections as much as we did, and feel free to respond to the postings with your thoughts, comments and criticisms. Due to the gravity of last Tuesday’s Presidential election, we have each decided to focus our selections on a unique viewpoint that highlights some of the issues post the 2012 push for the presidency.

-The Hidden Transcript’s Editorial Board

Marijuana1 130x130 Sunday Roundup: The US Election

 Council on Foreign Relations, What Colorado and Washington’s  Vote to Legalize Marijuana Means for Latin America

Apart from seeing the reelection of President Obama, November 6th also saw another key development in American politics: both Colorado and Washington passed legislation legalizing marijuana for recreational use. While the majority of mainstream media attention has tended to focus on more trivial details, this article by Shannon O’Neil frames the issue within the wider context of the War on Drugs. Check out this short and informative read.

-Reid, Editor-in-Chief

Romney 130x130 Sunday Roundup: The US Election

The Washington Post, How Badly Did Mitt Romney Lose the Technology Fight?

Much has been said regarding the breakup of voter demographics which contributed to Obama’s narrow margin of victory in the popular vote. While some fault macro aspects of campaign strategy and approach, the Washington Post (among others) has emphasized the importance of the candidate’s online campaigns. Could Twitter become the new “fireside chat” of future candidates and Commander in Chiefs? 

-Alexander, Associate Editor

Sad Uncle Sam1 130x130 Sunday Roundup: The US Election, The Decline of American Democracy

So the duel between the “black Muslim socialist” and the “white Mormon capitalist” has come to a close and in the end America ends up as divided as the civil-war era. With a rift like this splitting apart the electorate, the fallibility of American democracy is coming into question. Rabble’s Mazigh does an excellent job highlighting some of the many factors contributing to said rifts in a way that cleaverly sparks new conversations and ideally, eventual solutions.

-Adam, Associate Editor

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