This is How we Say Goodbye

Nearly 2 years ago, friend and classmate Reid Standish and I met for coffee in the midst of our undergraduate studies. Reid had just begun writing for our campus’ student newspaper, but wanted to do more – he had more ideas than he could fit into … [Read more]

The End of The Hidden Transcript

Sadly, its true. The Hidden Transcript is coming to a close and I would like to extent my deepest thanks to everyone who has read this publication over the years and who has contributed to its growth. When we first began this project, school was … [Read more]

Empire (Issue #4)

Imperialism and development, the debate surrounding GMO crops, and the reach of the state in cyberspace. Central Asia, Hungary and China. These issues and regions come together in our fourth issue, culminating in our most thought provoking and … [Read more]

Rawabi: Palestine’s Newest City

Palestine is in the midst of planning and developing their newest city, Rawabi. Projected to be completed by 2014 and coming in at a total cost of $1 billion, this is evidently no small scale project for an occupied state. Despite the fact that many … [Read more]

Refugee Brides

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that’s truly the case in Jordanian refugee camps hosting thousands of Syrian families. In an effort just to survive, families have come to the difficult decision to marry off young daughters in … [Read more]

Sunday Roundup: Tar Sands and a Second Cold War

A Black Mound of Canadian Oil Waste Is Rising Over Detroit - Ian Austin, The New York Times As the Canadian Oil Sands continue to come under domestic and international scrutiny, signs are beginning to appear to show that the Oil Sands may be … [Read more]

What is Going on in Canada?: Bill C-60 and the CBC

By Mariele Guerrero   The Canadian Conservative government has recently proposed a bill that could compromise the sovereignty of their public broadcaster, the CBC. Recent changes to Bill C-60, initially an act to amend the copyright act, … [Read more]

The Last Waltz: Reflecting on Kenneth Waltz’s legacy

By Paolo Sorbello Kenneth N. Waltz, the father of Neorealism in the field of International Relations, died at 88. He did not leave a hole in the scholarship, since he had written everything he thought there was to write as early as 34 years ago. … [Read more]

Sunday Roundup: Generational Differences and Jobs

Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation - Elspeth Reeve, The Atlantic Against the backdrop of austerity measures and economic downturn, much talk in the Western world has been centered on generational differences and the … [Read more]

How Brazilians Get Out of Prison Sooner

Like many penitentiary  systems across the globe, Brazilian prisons are at overcapacity. Due to the long sentencing terms that inmates are given the turnover rate is extremely slow,  fostering the imbalance between prisoners and cells. To … [Read more]

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